Chris Dickerson: Steroids Or Natural?

A legal disclaimer: The article is based on the assumption and only valid for the information and educational purposes.

Who Is Chris Dickerson?

Chris AKA 5-time Mr. Universe winner. The Chris is not only fame by his musculature but also inspired a lot of bodybuilding fans.

Chris is the 79 years now and considered as a popular bodybuilder on the internet, he shows his physique thick and the lean.

He was a social pioneer in the bodybuilding due to the unique features of the physique race and height. Chris was a great man and the legendary bodybuilder.

Due to his achievements and defined physique, the following question arises by many famous bodybuilders.

Can a natural bodybuilder build up this type of musculature magnitude?

Can you be as a big like Chris Dickerson without taking help from the drugs?

Before going to predict the steroid status of the Chris, it is important to look at the short intro.

Early Life And The Bodybuilding Career:

Chris was born in racist Alabama in the year 1939.The Chris’s mother Rosa Parks taught him to overcome the difficulties and started focus on the education instead of following the sports.

But, his passion towards the sports still remain and he started to weight training as well as he continues his singing field.

Chris has given the credit to the aesthetic physique and the singing background music. Dickerson made the success during 70’s.

In the starting, Chris has not begun the bodybuilding seriously until he was 24 years old only.

After two years or in the year 1965, Chris has finished the 3rd Mr. Olympia in the long beach competition. He had almost the 12 competitions to win.

After many efforts, Chris becomes one of the most respected bodybuilders of all the time and appeared in the magazines in the late 60’s.

The idol and influence of the Chris is his trainer “Bill Pearl”. Bill has a famous name in the Golden Era.

The Dickerson bodybuilding era is the 1960, 1970, 1980, and 1990.When the Arnold Schwarzenegger popularized from the 7x Mr. Olympia title, Chris age was 40 years means his time was going to run.

Did He Really Take The Help From Anabolic Steroids To Define His Physique Or Following Natural Methods?

Let’s take a look,

Chris Dickerson Statistics:

According to the information that is present in the social media, Chris has the following body stats.

  • Weight of the body: 185-195lbs (83.9-88.5kg)
  • Height of the body: 5’6’’ (167.5cm)
  • Arms size: 18’’ (45.7 cm)
  • Date of birth: Aug. 25, 1939

Chris is about the 53lbs over the estimated number in guide. Gaining 53 lbs is typical for the natural one and requires the more hard work and dedication.

The natural bodybuilders can gain the 10-15lbs through natural methods without taking help from the drug.

Chris has compared to the other professional bodybuilders. Franco Columbu was only 5’5’’ and this includes in the short.

Physical Signs Of Steroid Use:

The anabolic steroids have both internally and the physical effects. The consumption of the steroids can cause the physical changes in your body.

There is a very long list of the anabolic steroid effects. In the Chris body, there is some steroids sign that is dominant to his body.

  • Dark Color Of The Skin:

The long-term steroid practice can turn skin color into the darker. The overuse of drugs can increase the internal body temperature and as a result, the immune system excretes out the heat from the body in order to prevent the internal organs from damages.

  • Increased Vascularity:

Increased vascularity is a controversial topic in the bodybuilding and developed due to the consumption of anabolic steroids and the low body fat percentage. It can be useful to judge the individual.

The professional and competitive bodybuilders are well known for their prominent vascularity.

The sign of steroid is depended upon the dosages and the duration of a cycle. The more you longer the cycle, it will worst for both physical and mental health.

Chris Nutrition:

According to the Chris, he believes in the recovery and nutrition.

Some of the bodybuilders has undergone approach to a natural “whole diet”.

According to him, the whole diet is the best way to reach towards the goals.

The Vitamin E, amino acids, B-complex vitamins, and the other factors in the diet.

Chris was measure everything to achieve the desired body that he wanted.

The main tutor of the Chris is Bill Pearl.If we talk about the supplements so, amino acids, vitamins, minerals are the first priority of the Chris to achieve unique physique.

He paid a lot of attention to the nutrition and supplements for his physique.

The Workout Training:

One of the unique thing about his training is the style.

The workout is arranged between the high rep, the lightweight of the Frank Zane and heavy sessions of Mike Mentzer.

The combination of both of the training contributes to give you the both aesthetic and the size.

All of the training need to use the free weights and hates the machines.

Nothing is building the more important than using free weights. He was discussing the machines.

The favorite part of the Chris Dickerson is the bench press. Chris can bench with the 400lbs with reps.

This method allows him to work with a weight and maintain the proper form.

Chris Dickerson Steroids:

We can assume that the Chris Dickerson could have used the anabolic steroids because he is related to 80’s.

He has gained a tone of muscle by taking the muscle-building steroids.

Maybe the anabolic steroids are Deca Durabolin, Primobolan, Dianabol, Testosterone, And Trenbolone.

It seems like that Chris did not take the compound Anadrol because there is no any sign of the bloating or water retention.

The Trenbolone makes the physique more insane, dry, and ripped physique. His physique is not extremely dry like Helmut Strebl who maintain the 5% of lower body fat.


Chris is one of the most influential bodybuilders in a history and the combination of epic muscle and shredded appearance.

Based on the evidence, Chris Dickerson could have taken the anabolic steroids.

The Chris Dickerson did the same as Arnold, Serge Nubret, Bill Pearl And The Rich Piana.

If you want to try Steroids then we will recommend you to try Crazy Bulk for the bodybuilding and Testogen for testosterone Booster.

The 70’s bodybuilders were taking steroids because there were no any prescription required and strict laws are available.

We cannot deny the efforts of Chris Dickerson because only anabolic steroids are not responsible for giving you the rock-hard physique, the diet and workout training also matter.